My Dog The Meat Eater
a novel by Daniel Trask

ISBN: 978-1883684495
List Price $12

My Dog The Meat Eater takes place on a farm in a small, worn out city that was once a booming industrial center. The story is told from the points of view of many characters. Present and past tenses are interwoven with dream sequences in such a way as to give the novel an almost musical feel. Four high school and college aged friends work on the farm every summer with an old Puerto Rican man named Louie whom they admire very much for his strong character and wisdom. The boys discuss the events of their lives and examine their relationships with family members, dogs, and even the plants they grow. As the novel progresses, things become more and more surreal. Dreams take the place of actual events and hope takes the place of harsh reality. Through the course of the novel, the boys all grow up in one way or another. While all the time in the background, the farm beneath them silently churns and changes, eventually developing almost human characteristics.

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My Dog The Meat Eater is Daniel's first novel. It was published in 2003 while Daniel was still attending UMass Amherst.

Daniel promoted the book with a series of readings at over twenty Massachusetts public libraries. The tour culminated in a reading at the Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library where Daniel's grandfather joined to read from Harry's War.