Harry E. Trask

a brief biography

Harry E. Trask was born in Wilton, ME in 1917.  He's a graduate of Wilton Academy, Farmington Normal School, the University of Maine at Orono, Columbia University in the City of New York, and Nazarene Theological Seminary.  In addition to his military experiences, he has worked in the textile industry, the aircraft-production industry, as a public-school teacher, and as a minister in the Church of the Nazarene.  He is retired from the ministry and lives with his wife, Claralyn, in South Paris, Maine.  He is currently writing about growing up in Wilton and serving as a pastor in The Church of the Nazarene.

In addition to his religious and intellectual pursuits, Harry has been a lifelong athlete and has a roomful of trophies and plaques attesting to his prowess as a long-distance runner. 

Descended from a long list of farmers who were among the original white settlers of Maine, the first of whom, Samuel Trask, was captured by Native Americans at a young age, Harry was the first in his family to pursue advanced study after earning his bachelor's degree from the University of Maine.  He's the father of four, grandfather of eleven, and great-grandfather of one.  He's the patriarch of a family that's multiracial, multicultural, and multiliingual. 

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